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Saturday, December 31, 2011


Man this year went by too fast...  I grew a lot as an artist and person.  Thanks to those who have supported me thus far... The best is yet to come...  I hope yall ride it out with me... WE GONE MAKE IT...


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dreaming While Awake...

Been a while since I posted... Soul Train Awards was dull... Now I am bored... Gonna mix some and then jump on some C.O.D.M.W.3...  PrettyboyRR229 COME SEE ABOUT ME!

That heart dropping moment when you get an E-mail from one of those A&R that you emailed your DEMO to...


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Reaching For A Dream...

Man this music journey has been a longggg road for me... My doubts, then high points where I'm super motivated, then the plateau where i'm not super motivated but I still feel myself, then back to not knowing... I'm done with the uncertainty.  Over the last few days I have been reaching out to people that I know love me.  I have been asking them for unconditional feedback all the results were the same.  "Awesome work" to sum it up.  Then I thought maybe these people can't stand to shatter the dream they know I have embedded within my soul.  So my next thought was "Ask people who don't know you... people who don't know your drive and you determination... point blank, people who don't give a shit about you and how you feel."  Went on a mission to seek these people out.  It was harder to get these people to even listen because once again, they don't give two fucks about me or what's going on in my life.  Quite a few of the countless that I harassed actually took time to listen (THANK YOU ALL!).  Some gave semi-negitive feed back about autotune use (not many at all) but said they could look past it because I have a good sound and catchy deliverance, BUT!! SOOOO Many people flat out loved the music and wrote paragraphs trying to explain how much they like the songs (Especially "MONEY").  That's the only thing i needed to put me in a "NON-STOP... I gotta have this!!" MODE...

I'm still asking people so if I have asked you and you took the time to help me... THANKS FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!

If I asked you and you are about to listen, THANK YOU! and please be honest!


Love Yall... -DRE-BO-

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wow... Dreams Do Come True!

Had to come back so soon...

Just 3 months ago, I was in the parking lot at Albany Tech waiting for my advisor to get to his office so I could register for class.  I was on Youtube stumbling through videos and I came across a video of a dude rapping in what looked like a home-made studio.  My first thought was SKIP... but being the artist I am, knowing how much I want people to listen to my music, I listened...  That song was "Letter To My Son".  I was blown away... Dude was fye!

Bored again 3 months later, I click on World Star Hip-Hop and dude has a featured video with Cee-Lo on the feature... BANGER!!

Big Ups to DON TRIP...


Today Was A Good Day

Mom dukes was released from the hospital... Her surgery was a success.  Thank God, no matter how many headaches she gives me, no matter how much she nags at me... God knows I LOVE THAT WOMEN...

My son seems to be getting over a cold... Shout out to Lil Dre-Bo.
Just got word my niece Serayah has what seems to be an ear infection... Hoping she gets over that soon.

Got off work around 1pm... Had the house all to myself.  DEVOURED a Mc'Ds Filet O'fish and a 10 peice nugget meal.  Watched about 15 minutes of TV then I let that bih watch me.

Now it's 7:32 pm and I feel like my day has just begun... Where the party at???

Monday, November 7, 2011

Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Motivation...

Momma hears me recording and registering for this coming up semister at full sail and says "Dre-Bo, you should be doing something productive... Work extra hours instead of wasting all your time on that "MUSIC SHIT!"

My aunt Sis says "Dre quit wasting your damn time boy, you aint gonna make a motha-fuckin dime off that shit you recording."

Boy, I can't wait to prove folks wrong. MOTIVATED!

Big Ups to my big sister and my baby's mother Karrel.  I know they believe in what im doing so imma keep pushing.

ImmaStar Ent. Baby. --- LATER YALL!